Anatolii Palamarenko - The Wizard of the Spoken Word

Anatolii Palamarenko - The Wizard of the Spoken Word

“Magic of living word” – just so, in short, one can describe the original art of artist Anatoliy Palamarenko, being popular and favorite in Ukraine.
Anatoliy has loved the living word since his childhood. Being yet a schoolboy, he appeared with declamation of poems before the students of his native place Makarivshchyna. In 1964, having graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kiev State Institute of Dramatic Art, Anatoliy Palamarenko was accepted to the Kiev State Philharmonic for position of artist-elocutionist.

Having a bright attractive exterior, real actor temperament, beautiful voice, being rich on various modulations, the artist is able to deliver to listener a style and opinion of any author. His emotions are bright, soft, painted by sincerity. His actor range is very wide, non-limited by one genre. He can deal with everything - from the humor and satire to the heights of tragedy.
He tries to be the “co-author” of every performed work. Thanks to the creative credo of artist, his programs are very different for works of different authors, such as Ostap Vyshnya, Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky (“Kaydash’s family”), Grygor Tyutyunnyk (“Whirlpool”), Chingiz Aytmatov (“Farewell, Gulsari!”), Pavlo Glazovy, Oleksandr Dovzhenko (“Charmed Desna-river; stories “Mother”, “Cabin”, “Unforgettable”) and other writers. He performs all of them with equal success.

The special place in his creative activity occupies Shevchenkiana. Anatoliy Palamarenko has liked works of the Great Kobzar since his school-time. Yet in 1962, participating in the Taras Shevchenko Republican Competition of artists-elocutionists, he was rewarded with rank of laureate. Palamarenko created unique original stage works: composition “Kobzar’s Thought” and “Dreem”, which include the singing of kobza-player and musical accompaniment. And the program after the poem of “Gaydamaky”, created with participation of producers Ivan Gamkalo and Volodymyr Lukashev, and the State Jazz-Symphonic Orchestra of Ukraine, is considered by specialists and listeners as a prominent event in the artistic life of the ХХth century end. So, quite justly, Anatoliy Palamarenko was awarded high rank of Ukraine – the Shevchenko State Prize of Ukraine.

His last significant work is a poetic-musical concert-presentation after the poem of Borys Oliynyk “Trubig sounds” with participation of the State Jazz-Symphonic Orchestra of Ukraine (producers – Ivan Gamkalo, Volodymyr Lukashev). The enormous potential of the actor possibilities was showed brightly once again. It was confirmed that he selected the way to the Great Arts rightly yet in young days. And presently, when the artist has attained the heights of this Olympus, he shares generously his experience with students of the National Musical Academy by teaching them niceties of living word.

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