Folk Ensemble "Dyvohrai"

Folk Ensemble "Dyvohrai"

Ensemble "Dyvohray" of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine was created in 1988 by artists Eugene and Vadim Chornokondratenko.

Present composition of the ensemble:

Director - Honored Artist of Ukraine VADYM CHORNOKONDRATENKO

(Kobza, balalaika, flute)


winners of international competitions

ROMAN ONYSKIV (accordion)



Ensemble "Dyvohray" has a diverse composition of instrunents that allows them to perform works in both: academic style and the genre of instrumental folk music. The basis of the repertoire of the ensemble "Dyvohray" is made of Ukrainian folk melodies, music of the world and popular classical works.

The ensemble tours in Ukraine and abroad. It participated in the Days of Ukrainian Culture in neighboring countries: Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and performed in Western European countries: Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark.

The team has records in the Ukrainian Radio Fund and on Ukrainian Television.

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