Folk Ensemble "Ridni Naspivy"

Folk Ensemble "Ridni Naspivy"

Among a variety of performing and artistic trends and styles of contemporary music culture, it is difficult to find another Ukrainian group having so bright and creative biography as the Ensemble "Ridni Naspivy".

The very title of Ensemble encods its creative credo - promotion of best works of Ukrainian classical and contemporary music and their ties with world music.

The team created over 3000 concert programs. Almost every program included the work with soloists who are outstanding representatives of Ukrainian schools: D. Hnatyuk, M. Kondratyuk, A.Solovyanenko, V.Tymohin, N.Matviyenko, M.Stef'yuk, R. Kyrychenko, V .Pyvovarov, L.Zabilyasta, V.Gryshko and many others.

The ensemble has a lot of secret of success, and they appear in different areas. They have ability to keep and develop their creative style, adherence to the psychological intricacies of ensemble, consummate professional excellence, exquisite artistry and artistic taste, bright emotion and dramatic excellence.

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